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Formation and Objectives

The Council represents archival institutions and heritage operations with archival mandates in the Northwest Territories. The NWT Archives Council promotes the concept and importance of archives in the Northwest Territories and sponsors workshops on aspects of archives management.

The NWT Archives Council was formally incorporated as a Society under the NWT Societies Act in February 1988. The Objectives of the NWT Archives Council are listed in that document of incorporation as follows:

  • Secure recognition of archives as a unique heritage source within the Northwest Territories;
  • Facilitate co-operative ventures between its members, archives and non-archival agencies, both within government and without;
  • Encourage the establishment of archival repositories dedicated to the preservation of the records of aboriginal organizations, the principal grouping of the NWT, NWT based business; and NWT communities;
  • Rationalize collecting policies among the archival agencies which make up the Archival Council of the NWT;
  • Offer general and specialized training in archival methodology;
  • To promote the recognition, documentation and preservation of traditional knowledge shared orally, as a principle means of preserving and promoting the cultures and languages of indigenous peoples in the Northwest Territories.