Database Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to search the holdings of the NWT Archives more precisely. You can perform detailed searches at one of three levels of archival records: item-level descriptions (e.g. individual photos, text files, sound recordings, etc.), accession-level descriptions (those materials physically and legally transferred to an archives as a unit at a single time; an accession may be part of a larger collection or fonds) and fonds-level descriptions (the entire body of records of an organization, family, or individual). Enter your search terms in one of the categories below, then click on the search button.

Search the Item/File Descriptions

This searches the descriptions of all the records in the NWT Archives that are described at an item level (except library books; click here for library search). Not all our records are described in this much detail, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, move up a level and search our accessions (see below).


Search the Accession Descriptions

This searches the descriptions of a group of items transferred to the archives as one unit. When someone donates 17 boxes of letters, diaries, and papers from her grandmother’s basement, or an album of slides taken by his grandfather, that’s an accession. For an even broader search, check out our fonds (see below).


Search the Fonds Descriptions

This searches the descriptions of entire bodies of records from one person, family, or organization. A fonds can be made up of several accessions (if someone gives us a diary from his mother, and then the next year gives us a box of her photos, those would be two accessions in the same fonds).